Saturday, January 19, 2008


january 19 2008

The last days I worked hard to make the girls a Scottish outfit like I had last year to the Robert Burns night.

I managed to make them each a long skirt, a sash and a wrap/square sjawl. All in stuart Tartan.
I also wanted to make blouses, but I didn't have time enough.
So they were wearing bright white shirts with a satin application at the front, which make them look rich.

Their long hair was braided.
The little twin had curls all around her face, because of the rain.

They both looked magnificent.

It was fun to make it all, so when it turned out I still had some time, I made them both a matching pouch.
They were almost finished when the thread got turned around some interior things in the sewing machine.
With the help of one of the boys I managed to screw it open, remove the thread, and put the machine together again. I guess it went so easy because the lamp is in the same space and it should be replaceble.

Well, the girls got their pouches in time, and left like real scottisch girls.

I bet those few drops of scottish blood they still have were delighted!!


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