Wednesday, January 30, 2008

my child pays for the lack of care of school

january 30 2008

Can't sleep.

I'm sad and terribly angry at the same time.

There's a place at the auti-class for my autistic son.
After 5 years waiting.

Now we need a commission to decide he can go there.

We need lots of paperwork to proof that my child needs that place.

The psychiatrist gave the diagnosis...he needs to do all sorts of tests to proof his diagnosis is right.
He's one of the topscientists, diagnosticians and a lot more in the area of autism.
There's a waitinglist to get all the tests done.
Maybe we can use the old tests with a new date.

But what makes me very angry is that the school has to provide a treatment plan, a report of 6 months using that plan and an evaluation.

And they have nothing...just made a plan last week.
And that isn't enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So that means my kid can't go to the only place here in town where he is understood.

I am so very terribly angry!!!!!

I confronted the school and they didn't like that.
Wanted to speak to the person of the commission who collects the paperwork, without informing me what they want to talk about.
I think they assume I'm stupid enough not to see that they completely failed in dealing with my son... I'm not THAT stupid!!
And on top of that.... the paperwork is the responsibility of the parents... so they have to come to me.

I offered them a meeting this week to see how we can solve the problem.
That's very kind, very patiƫnt...very everything after all we went through with that school.

This afternoon I mailed them because a teacher at the exam wasn't aware my son didn't need to read all nooks at the list.
That was decided two weeks ago at the meeting with school. well I mailed.
I got a mail back in which the care-coƶrdinator wrote that she had spoken with someone else and it turned out not she and the pedagogue can make that decision, but only the examinationboard.

Why didn't they inform us????

None from school took an effort to help my children.
So I did all the work at home.
I have to help them finish their final papers this week, and next week I have to help them read books they can't understand when I won't read them aloud and explain them.

Now my child has to pay for the lack of care that school had.

My child can't go to the auti-class when I can't get that paperwork presented in such a way that that commission decides that we have met all legal goals and rules.

OK, who wants to make a soap opera about all we experience here in our family?
I'm sure it'll be a hit.
I have material for daily episodes for the next 10 years.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that. That is sad. :-(

    Oh, another different note, I saw on Oprah yesterday about the celebrity named Jenny McCarthy (? I think that's her surname). She has an autistic son too and she did some exercise or therapy on her son with her own way, and apparently it's making her son much better. She also writes a book about her journey too. :-)


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