Monday, January 14, 2008

meeting tomorrow

january 14 2008

Tomorrow is the meeting with the school of my autistic son.

It won't be a happy event, and it won't be a kind event, so I'm not looking forward to it.

One of the women plays the timid girl, but I've experienced that her nice words are only used to mellow others. She doesn't stand up for us when things are needed, even when she says so.

The other is very dynamic, firm, knows what she wants and she goes straightforward.
She's great in covering things up, however.

All their paperwork I need.... but they haven't all the paperwork I need.
They didn't keep the proper reports of interventions,
they didn't do all the necessary interventions,
and they made tremendously huge mistakes.

So they'll try to cover up things,
try to manoevre me away from certain subjects,
and sweeten things up.

They're fighting for their image and the money.
Keeping my son there means money for them.

But I really want him to go to the new school and attend the auti-class.
It's about a child that needs to be there, and not at a school where he's fully stressed each day, is bullied because he's different and doesn't get the help he really needs.

A friend who went through about the same with her son a year ago. warned me.
"They'll always try to put the blame on others."

Well, they can't blame me for not having their stuff in order. LOL!

One of the subjects of the meeting is "to inform me".

Remember they have a careteam that launched all sorts of professionals on my roof, trying to intimidate me?

They want to inform me...

So I asked for the file of my son, so I could prepare myself.
I was told there is no file.

That's so very interesting!
How on earth can you send Childcare on it's way without having any documentation of problems whatsoever?
How on earth can you send the schooldoc on his way without an underlying question?

So that team only reacts to hear-say and gossip?? LOL!

I'm quite ready for the meeting tomorrow.

The only thing I need to do is finish a list of problems I've encountered and my son have encountered at the school.

I already have 20 items, but there's far more.

They all come down to:

  • not knowing precisely what autism is and not knowing what an autistic child needs at school
  • not communicating with other people
  • not following the law
  • ignoring questions from the parents, so mistakes and unwanted situations persist.
  • not enforcing teachers to follow the guidelines that are given by professionals.

Please keep your fingers crossed!


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  1. I also have a meeting tomorrow with my son who has ADHD. I had to write a letter to the school to have him "tested" and now we go for the results and what will be done. So I will pray for you & the outcome you want and need.


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