Wednesday, January 2, 2008

just chattering

january 2 2008

The first workingday of a new year.

I heard quite some cars leaving the street this morning and it made me feel at home in this year.
Isn't it strange what normal sounds can do?

I'm still ill, so I stayed in bed and fell asleep again.

I thought I'd missed my oldest leaving to bring his stuff back to the trainingshouse, but he was still at home.
He planned to go early in the morning!

Looking back his stay at home wasn't as bad as expected, although we didn't have much space to move around.
Part of the time he went to friends, and part of the time he was behind a computer upstairs, trying to fix things.

I still have an iframe bugging pages, so I keep running all sorts of scanners.
If someone can hgelp me out, please let me know.

The url that is supposed to be launched in the frame is blocked by norton, but the frame itself keeps projecting itself.

I'm glad we had some sun today.
It really makes it feel that we're moving towards spring.

Which thought is nuts, because we've had the worst cold weather in january and february in the past.
Saw some nice images on TV about the winter of 1974. Brrrr....

Well, whatever happens, the days are getting longer.
Today it was past 4 that we could close the curtains and put the lights on.
Two weeks back it was at 3.

It'll be a cold night this night.
We'll see.


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