Thursday, January 3, 2008

I've got scanning illness

january 3 2007

I've got scanning illness.

After dealing with unknown blanc i-frames in some pages while surfing, I thought it wise to scan my computer once again with another scanner, because the scanner I usually use didn't indicate a problem.

So I went to another online scanner... which diagnosed an empty file to be a problem... and now I'm scanning again.

The mystical i-frame has disappeared again, like it did during the day yesterday.

Well, it doesn't do anything worng. Scanning I mean.

Nor does changing passwords, as long as I write them down and don't forget them.

I wonder how many people really scan on a regular basis, how many change their passwords when the year starts, and how many still don't have a virusscanner, nor a firewall, nor psyware-protection.

I went to the site where I learned everything about computers and internet-use when I started.
Unsubscription followed when they started to ask a money.
But now I found out they lost so many members then, that they're a free forum again.

So whenever that i-frame shows itself in some sites, I will go there and probably ask one of the most stupid questions of the world.
I think they want me to re-install a program which solves the problem forever.

If it hasn't resolved itself yet.

Now I'm feeling ill... a bad cold... it feels OK to have the scan running in the background.
Life goes on.....


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