Sunday, January 20, 2008

evening of the girls

january 20 2008

The girls went all dressed up feeling princesses.
They looked marvellous.
(want to know more: look here.)

The boy who came to the door to fetch them told us they would be back at 8.
What a surprise!!!
We expected them to take part in at least half of the official program of the evening, and at 8 it probably would start.

That didn't feel good at all, so I told the girls they were allowed to stay longer, only when...onnnnly when they would have arranged a trusted ride back.

So it wasn't fun to stay at home.

At 8 they phoned and told us that they would go and look for someone to drive them home later, as the official part was about to begin, and it was weird to leave before they could perform.

At half past ten they called again telling they were coming home.
They sounded bright and happy.

At home they told that the official program started a bit after 8.
They had been the first to arrive.

The performance went well on their part, but the boy made such a huge mistakes, that the leader of the band told them to perform later. So the boy had time to practice his bit in the attick of the building.

In the meantime they witnessed the ceremony of the Haggis, with one of the real scottish men citing a Robert Burns Poem and slicing the haggis.
Before I'd told them that some people meow a lot about haggis, but that it's tasting like well flavored minced meat, and they should get some mashed potatoes with it.

They both loved it!

Then they had the chance to hold the new baby, and it felt so good.
Oh, those little mothers-to-be!
What a pity I wasn't there.

The second performance went well, and they got a standing ovation.
Well deserved, I have to say.
I didn't use a broom, but only verbal force to motivate them to practice each day.
I'm glad it worked.

The rest of the evening they enjoyed all the attention for their outfit and the fun an evening like that brings.

When one of the girls was already asleep the other was smiling at me, all happy.
"Mom, I was feeling a real princess."

What a wonderful end of the evening!!


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