Monday, January 28, 2008

european privacy day

january 28 2008

What a pity this day isn't celebrated on my birthday.
One of my goals in life is to make people more aware of their rights and of the laws that enforce these rights.

It's interesting that so many people just don't know.
Part is due to the fact that they live their live and don't experience any problems, and part is due to the fact that people don't come in contact with the media that report about these rights or with the leaflets that can be found at special a far corner of the library.

The privacy laws are quite clear for many professions.
I had to voice an oath when I finished my university studies for psychologists and there are laws. Many other professions have laws and oaths to stick to.

We also have strickt laws for publication in the media and on internet.
We are not allowed to reveal the identity of people, even not when they are criminals.
We can give people permission to use our names, like on public timetables for ballroomdance contests.

The laws of privacy are also involved in the issue with the careteam of school.

Some items duscussed are on the verge of accepted and non-accepted.
Physical problems of my son can not be discussed there by the schooldoctor, but teachers are less bound by the law of privacy, and one of them can have put it up for discussion.
It's a fine line this doctor has walked on when he took action upon this.

Much clearer are the laws in the case of my son and Youthcare. They can't go to doctors, psychologists or others to talk about my son, without clear written permission of the parents.
There's only one exception: when they have reasonable doubt we're not abusing him or neglecting him.
That's why I was so angry when Youthcare went to psychiatry. We don't abuse or neglect our son.

Another fine line the careteam walked on is the privacy of us, parents.
It's clear there was a picture painted, otherwise they wouldn't have acted the way they did.
The law protects us in just a minimal way... as long as nothing is written down...

But I think the law falls short there.
I think we parents should get the right to be present at these meetings to guard the truth of what is presented there and to be able to stand up against misperceptions.

All inhabitants of my country have a number. This number stands for the identity of one single person.
I think the law isn't strict enough about the use of that number.
As one number identifies one person, all the privacy laws about names should be applicable on these numbers.

I think we still have a long way to go.
Governments that want to control the lives of people in the country should be more aware of their actions and laws.

But we, notmal people, should know the laws and enforce them to protect ourselves and our children.


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