Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Changing years

January 1 2008

..huh?... Christmas is over? 2007 in the past?
That was fast!!!

I bet there has been some fairy who wave her wand and has made all the bad moments and people disappear.
I feel like she pushed me over the threshold and now I'm nearly falling...

But hej...I'm standing straight... in the new year!!


I loooovvveeee it!!!

Happppyyyy New year all!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday evening and night had a lot of surprises.
The kids all were bussy, untill it was time to see the old year cabaret.
We gathered together had something to eat and drink and then the youngest children disappeared.

Have they really let the "mommy, mommy, I don't like this program", in the past?

While I was laughing untill I could hardly breathe, the girls gave a make-over to their autistic brother.
I heard them messing up the wardrobes to find him something "chique" to wear.

They came down when the cabaret was over, and I had a first look on my son who now looked like a priest who had been in a convent for 80 years.
Oh my dear...one of the girls plans a carreer in fashion.... I pity the world.

When it was almost 12 it was terribly misty outside.
We couldn't see the other houses and that hardly happens.

Counting down was fun.
My favorite song was playing and people on TV were singing.

The oldest boys went outside to light the fireworks, but we couldn't see anything.
It was too misty.

Well, for the first time in ages we didn't have so much smoke in the house that I felt the need to make a round and find out if something was burning.

To make up for the lack of fireworks, and because it's a tradition in honor of our english and scottish friends, we watched the change of years of these countries on the BBC.
Me oh my, what a lot of firework and how beautiful!!

The kids went to bed and I waited for the boys to come home.

Because I had a kind of nasty animal on the computer (virus, work, spider...dunno), I had a look myself.
Our computernerd already had a long go at it, but couldn't get rid of the bug...
But I handled like a mom.... got rid of what I didn't need... the temporary files and some other files which I parked, because I didn't know what they were, and restarted the computer......

Oh dear, I nearly died fearing it wouldn't start ever again.

But like a phoenix it rose from the depths.
The bad animal either disappeared completely or is now hiding in a deep, dark cave, somewhere far away, and the computer worked as smooth as when it was young and happy.

I don't need men to do the job.

Then the boys came home and for some unknown reason I stayed awake....


One of the boys, who had been feeling ill for days, got really sick...
Very sick...

The couch was flooded, and because I was awake I could prevent him from falling asleep in the muck and chooke.
Guess who was cleaning the mess? Putting the son under the shower?

Well, let's say I hope this was a symbol for leaving all the bad behind. Ugh.

I went to bed at 7 in the morning.......

Was awake before 12.....
I'm happy I didn't drink one drop of alcohol. This headache is enough.

4 kids are watching a sweet movie on TV, one is sleeping with a fever, one is trying to find out why mom could persuade the computeranimal to leave her world, and he couldn't... LOL!
Most of the fog outside has gone.

It's 2008.............. and I like it!!!

Happy new year!!!!!!!!!!


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