Friday, January 18, 2008


january 18 2008

After all the problems with the careteam of the school of my boys, I thought it wise to look around where to file a complaint.
I have to prevent the same happening again.

We went through so much because of the stupidity of others,... no other parents should have to go through the same experience.

Looking around I found the site of the designer of the careteams and was able to tell my story to her.

She was shocked.

Her kind email did me a lot of good, but also makes clear I'm completely right in the way I perceive things and I have told the school what the intention is of a team like that.

I'm still thinking what I can do, but right now I have an appointment with the schooldoctor for next week.

I'll meet them one by one and decide for each member of the team how I want to approach the issue.

I'm open for ideas.


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