Sunday, January 13, 2008

birthdayparty and a book

january 13 2008

Had a nice morning visiting a little girl who celebrated het 5th birthday.

The girls was running around the house, but settled down when my 2 daughters came in.
The mom was happy. LOL!

It was nice talking to the uncles, aunts, grandmoms and -dads.
A new book about our town was issued last week and one of the people already bought and read it.
And as he is a very talkative person...

We all were glued to our chairs... he's such a good storyteller.

Ofcourse at times discussions started.
We all have memories we can share, and the storyteller knows a large part of my family, and is eager to know more.

In two weeks we all have another birthday in that family.
I think I'll have a look at the new book too!


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