Monday, January 7, 2008


janaury 7 2008

One of the girls had a seat in the back of the classroom.


Now the new year has begon the groups are rearranged and my daughter got a place, not only in a far nice group, but also more to the middle of the classroom.

She's very happy with it, but also very bothered by the way the teacher deals with matters in the classroom.

The place she sat was in the left back corner of the room.

It was in a kind of no-mans land.
It was bordered by the schoolboard, a large displaytable and the kitchenette.
Kind of place where in the past the teachers put the worst bully to cool off and think about his bad behaviour, untill everyone had nearly forgotten about him.

So my daughter wanted this table and 4 seats to belong more to the classroomsetting and she tried to talk to the teacher about it.

No chance.

The teacher was too bussy... is always too bussy...

I can understand the feelings of my daughter.
This is the same teacher that helped my son feel at home at his new school, adjust to the new way of leraning and helped him catch up. She was kind, friendly and marvellous.

Now she's short of words, hardly uses her smilingmsucles anymore and always displays an image of hurry.

So I told my girl she'd better try again tomorrow and if that doesn't help, she can gather the mothers of the children that are now in the corner.
Explain how it feels sitting there: always watching the teacher at the back when she explains something, always hurting yourself against the blackboard or the kitchennette, always feeling left out.

I know one of the mothers is the kind of woman that has others listen to her, no matter gow bussy they are.

With a bit of luck, things will change. Permanently.


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