Tuesday, January 15, 2008

back from the meeting

january 15 2008

Well, the meeting was ... eh... dynamic.. LOL!

I felt a little suspicion when the principal made his way to us and started small talk. He's not the kind of guy to do it, and he's never done it before.

Then we met the other two for the meeting.
The pedagogue was clearly nervous.

The meeting started out rather pleasant.
They'll give all cooperation to ease the move for my autistic son to the other school.
Then they forced us to make a decision to which group he should go, offering an opportunity that isn't available.
Well, the new principal said she would make the decision... so I'll mail her tomorrow.

Then we discussed the way the careteam treated the whole case.
They didn't expect the woman of Youthcare to take action, didn't expect the schooldoctor to take action...etc etc.
In came down to: that's not what we expected to happen.

Well, that's how it works, and how all the publications on internet tell how it works, and that's how it's meant to work.

The meeting was intended to see how my son could be helped at school... yea fine.

So I told them that when Youthcare takes action towards the psychiatrist of my son without our written consent, that means we're suspected from childabuse or childneglect.
When you add this to the fact that only the former psychiatrist was available, who never ever properly helped my son, but wanted to put him in an institution when there were some problems, then two people who have influence can team up for a placement out of the family, and they can pull enough strings to make it happen without the parents having any say.

They both coloured red and blue....

The coordinator told me in the mail there was no file.
But how on earth can those people take action when there is no file?
And where are the notes from that meeting?
.... Right in front of her...LOL!

I said nothing.

She said it had never been the intention to have a meeting like that, they just wanted to have an informal meeting about how to improve matters for my son at school.

Well, how informal is it when you have three professionals from outside school sitting at your meeting?

Do they really think I'm that stupid and that naïeve that I belief that??? (answer...yes.)

So I told her to straighten things out.
Told her the legal implications of it all.

And then time was up.

On our way home I felt double.
OK, I was right all along the way.
They didn't know what they were doing, they didn't follow the law and protocols, they lied, they tried to cover up mistakes, and they certainly didn't appologise.

These people are only a burden, not part of a support system... not at all.

At home I searched internet.
Found a lot of information.

Then started a nice letter to summarise the meeting.... cooked dinner... and after the coffee I thought...

"Why on earth am I still nice?"

So I wrote a mail stating I wanted to use my legal right to see the files of school and the careteam, and to see the notes of that meeting, even when they're handwritten.
I want them copied in our house at last this friday.
When she isn't able or doesn't want to hand them to me, I want her motivation, which will be used in a formal complaint.

Then I hit the button "send"....
I nearly pressed the button right through the keyboard and the desk. LOL!


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