Monday, January 28, 2008

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january 29 2008

Got the results of the tests of one of the girls.
I'm not a bad psychologist. LOL!
She has indeed a fear to fail, and she's delayed in maths and spelling, just as I said.
The teacher can't deny it anymore.

Have been bussy with the paperwork to get my autistic son to the new school.

I mailed the organisation that decided if the paperwork is good enough for the commission to make a decision.
A friend works there and I hoped he would answer.

The material the school has send us is worth...nothing!
They should have tried to help him for over 6 months without any results.
Well, they haven't tried even 2 days.

So I have to write a treatment plan about what I did, and evaluate it... like it came from school.
It's the only way.

When all the paperwork is ready well get the result within the time that's set for it.

Sometimes I love friends like him. LOL!

In the afternoon my adhd son and I went to the police.
We had an appointment at 14.30, but someone forced an appointment before us, so we had to wait.
We went to the shopping centre nearby.

I would have loved to buy something, but we both had no money with us. So that was cheap shopping. LOL!

When we came back we had a very good talk with a very friendly policeman.
He shared my fear that the people who have threatened my son would realise their threats when it turns out that we filed an official complaint.
We here can't file a policereport anonimously. So there's no name protection of the victim.

We decided that he would book the whole case, so it can be made effective as a formal complaint with one push of a button.

We talked about how the school deals with matters and he thought it a perfect idea to have these boys spoken about in the careteam, ofcourse with the police present.

He gave me the joy to tell school about this, because when the school won't take action, the police can make them responsible for not actively creating a safe school.

The guy also gave my son very good advice how to react next time, more or less resulting in a meeting with all those involved.

When we came out we felt really good, understood and we had steps to take which will help.

Then I had to cook. Ugh... is there no one treating me after such a bussy day?

Turned out after dinner that my autistic son needed a newspaperarticle and a poem for english... tomorrow.
Why hasn't the school send me something so I can see what needs to be done?
I had to copy the article and write it down.

Then he started complaining about the poem/song.
I just read aloud sounds of silence of Simon and Garfunkle, explained it to him and wrote it down.

Well, I'm going to bed.

Does someone has an IEP to share. He's autistic. Need one for a 15 to 16 year old.
I can use it as a base to rewrite it towards the situation of my son. It's better than making thge paperwork from scratch. TY.


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