Friday, January 18, 2008


january 18 2008

Watched the movie Atonement this evening.
The Globe award winning movie. Best Drama.

I've seen far better movies.

This one is a burden for those who can't loose their smoking addiction.
It's one big smoking advertisement.

OK, the smoked portraits of the prettiest woman gave the movie a soft touch, a dreamy catch, enhanced by the trance enhancing music.

But the story to me is one out of thousands. I've heard so many about the war, I've seen too many people in old age being torn between reality and wishfullfillment.

It took a long time before this movie really took my attention.
I was just lost in the wonderful scenery, the details, which made me want to see it again.

It's not the drame in itself that is of importance, not the almost porcelaine beauty of she who lost her love. The good of love depicted against the evil of war.
It's the music that's catching as a flowless stream from beginning to end.

One recognises it from better movies, that got stuck in the soul, and are now projected unwillingly in this simple story.

One moment later in the movie I was lost again.
The seemingly authentic images... or where they real? ... made me look and search to see my father one more time...
He was there... in the reality of war... he lost part of his being, lost his friends, just like the story shows.

But there were too many terrible images of war to make me feel this movie deserves a Globe. Too much leaning on what has been proven itself to be succesfull, that I felt I'd been listening to one of those hundreds or thousands of songs that might get number one, but never will.

While forgetting for a moment the drama in my own life, I didn't really find it in the movie. Just because I heard it too many times perhaps.
Or maybe, because right now, so many people go through the same experience.

I guess that's the success.


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