Thursday, January 31, 2008

asperger and social security

january 30 2008

With the oldest to the organisation to be "judged" if he can get a handicapped status.

The woman in question wasn't in time.
because I know they treat people like cattle I went to the secretary and asked how long the woman was delayed with her appointments, so I would know whether to stay and wait a few minutes or I'd better cancell the meeting. I couldn't risk not being in time for my own client elsewhere.

That speeded matters up.

The meeting was terrible.

She's supposed to asses the amount of handicap and in which areas they surface.
Instead she just assessed his ability to work.

When I said so she got angry with me.

Well...I was very polite, especially when it was clear she had not ..not even bothered to read the files.
How I know?
Up till now I haven't met anyone who didn't ask something about our large family.

Well, I went to the whole scala: being silent, pointing things out, commenting and I was even able to pass the tears and say that the only thing I wanted was for my son to be happy. And that he had so many terrible times between other people, at school and elsewhere.
That I wanted people to understand how difficult social life is for someone with severe asperger and ADD.
"When people see him they expect all sorts of things from him, because this handicap can't be seen from the outside, but when they deal longer with him they get annoyed and more.
I want him in a positive environment."

Well, I didn't like her, and she probably has followed the course"How to deal with dripping tears from mothers", but she gave me a compliment.

Wooohaaaa!!! The first compliment from people like her in ages.
"You have put him on the rails very well."

I reacted like she learned in the course. LOL!

I was completely furious when we left.
And when I came in the toilet and the mirror wasn't there I just felt we'd been to the lowest of lowest.
Other people deciding whether you deserve to get some money to live, or have to go for social security. And social security is crap for people like him.

When we walked out someone greeted me kindly.
He was in a hurry, but I recognised a highschool friend.
It was so good he recognised me. I was young then, small, kind of twiggy.
But he still recognised me. Wow!
Well, I recognised him too.

On our way home we went into the bookshop at the railwaystation.
Just to be in an environment that feels different and OK.
I bought a little agenda with lovely drawings from Marjolein Bastin.
I saw it because it was half prize. I would never have bought it otherwise.
But now it's mine.
I have one from years ago and used it not as an agenda, but as a birthdaybooklet.
I'll use this one like that too.

I just needed something for myself. Haven't bought a thing just for fun in over a year.

At home it turned out the school of my autistic son (see yesterday) didn't even bother to mail back.



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