Saturday, January 12, 2008

about transport

january 12 2008

I'm still not recovered from that flu. On the contrary.
This morning I woke up with a splitting headcache, muscle aches and a fever.

One of the boys can't get over it either, and I wonder if it has to do with asthma.
We're the only ones here with asthma.

I firmly told the girls and their dad to arrange transport to the Robert Burns evening, otherwise they shouldn't sign in.
Will they ever listen?

I would love to go myself too, but last year I had a very hard time to arrange transport and when it was time to go home the guy told me he was only asked to take me, not bring me home!!!
I had to ask around and was just a minute in time to catch someone who could take me home. I nearly panicked, because the place we were was in the middle of the woods. OK, there was a hotel, but we can't afford it. Ever!!

There isn't a special discount for members of the same family, and a third going...can't afford it. Not after buying the fabric to make the girls look nice.

I just hate situations like this!

It seems the hole society just assumes everyone has a car.

This morning I got a letter from the organisations where my boys psychiatrists work.
They are organising a parentsboard.
But the meetings are... yep... not here in town, but about half an hour driving..when one has a car.

Oh, this makes me so very mad!!!!!!


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