Friday, January 11, 2008

About the leakage

january 11 2008

Turns out I'm right that the leakage from the bathroom is not from the silicone border.
Renewing it, in combination with more carefull showering and especially shorter showering resulting in less water coming down, but there's still some leakage...right under the plaqce where the tap is.

So I think the silicone around and behind the tap is leaking.

With a DIY'er in the house who isn't even able to hang a shelf level my stress level is rising.

The last time he "fixed" a leakage he flooded the bathroom completely while telling me the wet stripes on the wall downstairs were caused by "old water".
Yea.... water of about 3 seconds old.

So please, please keep your fingers crossed he can manage.



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