Wednesday, December 5, 2007

works for me

december 5 2007

Well, most of the time I really have to think about ideas that other people don't use.

Last night and today I've been through so many emotions because I was once again confronted with manipulation of organisations that "know better", that I suddenly realised my gram and dad gave me some sound advice when they were still alive:
don't accept manipulation, go for what you think is right all by yourself.

I will explain the complete situation in another entry a bit later this evening.
But I can tell you this.

Last year the pedagogue of the school of my autistic son said she had submitted a place at a far more specialised school.
I never received a confirmation, so when this schoolyear started I politely asked her about it.
Once, twice, three times.

Never got an answer.

Because things didn't go well at school a careteam was involved and they not only went behind our backs with trying to get psychiatry to inform them, but they also said it would be good that the pedagogue would apply for a place at that special school.

It gave me the ill feeling that we as parents had nothing to say at all.

So I jumped against the roof.. I hate it that people consider us incompetent.

So I mailed the new school and got an answer within minutes.
There was a place at level 4 (a bit above his level now), and they would appreciate a meeting.

So I suggested tomorrow morning.

This places the decisions again in my own hands.
And it also speeds up procedures a lot.

I hope to have good news tomorrow.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Going against manipulation and keeping actions transparent and honest is always one of my main goals when I'm confronted with organisation of people "who know better".
Often it turns out I can do the job better, faster, and I can guard the wellbeing of my own family far better.

It works for me.

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