Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Works for me 2

december 5 2007

Shannon asks how we solve the problem of shortage of time, lack of ingredients, and the demand for food... NOW!!

I'm great at making a dinner that feeds the crowds.

First I make soup.
When the freezer doesn't provide the vegetables, nor the poultry or meat to fly through the water, I just add special instant soup ingredients that are also used by restaurants.
Hej...with 6 kids in puberty life here is like running a restaurant.

Then I either bake left over potatoes.
Put unions in the pan and glaze them.
Add the potatoes,
when they started to get brown, make space between them and shed egg in there.
Spice up with whatever you like.

Sometimes I even put the vegetables in there, making it a one pan dish.

It combines with whatever vegetables there are.

Some like it with cheese over it and grilled.

Dessert: yoghurt.


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