Friday, December 14, 2007

what a week!

december 14 2007

Finally got a mail back from the former psychiatrist of my autistic son.

I mailed her because she mailed me telling she would go to Childcare to arrange the financial aspects of the short stay home for my son.

With everything going on at school and Childcare already wanting to do research on us on false information, her in the game was just too much.

She didn't think my son could benefit from therapy, she wanted him institutionalised.

And as Childcare often takes kids out of their home when they're in doubt, I was simple and straightforward.
In nice and tactfull words I told her to back out.

At the same time I threw all the right information in the files of Childcare and school, and then all I could do was wait.

Well, and talk with that damn inspector wednesday. (second half of this entry.)

The contactperson of school let me know that she told Childcare to stop action, and today I heard that the former psychiatrist didn't go to childcare.

Phew! I hope it is really stopped now.

This morning my son went to school and I couldn't leave it to be unsaid to the inspector.
I reported him my son was to school again and asked him if my son was ill again I should report to him so we could make an appointment immdiately.

I was hinting to the fact that the school reported my son before the legal three days waiting were over, and to the fact that he barged in when I didn't feel well.

Ofcourse I didn't get a reply. But I hope I have made my point.

Leaves the schooldoc.... I'm curious who is going to talk with him first, our doc or I.
He'd better speak with my doc first and apologise to us.

So in short... most is sorted out now, but I'm still mad!!


While I was blogging that schooldoc mailed.
He wants to talk to us.



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