Thursday, December 6, 2007

Wanted and got an appointment

december 6 2007

When I calmed down after this, and writing her a mail stating that I didn't want youthcare to go talking about us anywhere (they do anyway), I started to think how this ridicilous situation can be anded as soon as possible.

First I wrote the Porpeffor in psychiatry a mail stating why I thought he needed to make an appointment with me and my autistic son straightaway.

It's not our mistake that we're not getting proper psychiatric care.
We're dependent on what those psychiatrists do with their agenda.
OK, I can protest, but they decide.

The pedagogue said in her mail that they also agreed she should contact the school with the autism classes.
She said she had last year and she had put my son's application in, but I never got that confirmed.

I thought it best to get matters into my own hand and not be dependable upon the actions of others.
There's one way to tell youthcare they should have contacted us first....
Drive the train myself and take another direction.

So I went to the site of the school with the autism classes and got help from above: the weekend of the 15th the open their doors to new students and their parents to have a look if they like the school enough to fill in an application.


So I contacted the school, tolf them that my autistic son tried special education but that he had difficulty dealing with some of the behavioural problems of the other kids, and asked if the day was also for kids and parents who start at another year than the first.

Got a very nice mail back.
Ofcourse it was also for us.
We're very welcome.
Just provide the adress and they would send an invite.

Then I started looking for the person that was contacted by the pedagogue.
To my amazement her emailadres was on the site.

So I mailed her, said she had received an application from the pedagogue but it was never confirmed, and that I was attending the open day with my son and looked forward to meeting her and have a little talk. Maybe even make an appointment.

Within two minutes I had a mail back.

There was a place available soon at a higher level than my son is in now, but she thought it would be wise to have a talk before the open day.

I mailed back: tomorrow morning I have a slot at 11.

The reply was simple: "See you then."


Interesting is that this school uses the serviced of the best autism psychiatrists and psychologists.
The organisation we applied for (and got the papers back because the psychiatrist didn't use the right forms).

Sounds good, doesn't it?


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