Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Unwanted developments

december 5 2007

When I was ready to go to bed and just had a look at the mail to see of there was something I should see, there was a mail from the school orthopedagogue.
The careteam had spoken about my autistic son and they had decided to report him for staying at home. (He stayed at home because he was ill, and afterwards because he was bullied terribly.)
Without any consequences, she added.

And someone from youthcare is going to psychiatry to coordinate things.

That really made me angry!!

I asked to be at the meeting and they didn't invite me.
And now they even went behind our backs to inform about us at psychiatry.

No wonder I got the report about the meeting a week too late. They first had to make their moves.

I'm so very angry!!

The school has all the chances of the world to cover up their mistakes and keep us away so we can't say anything, and now they land at that psychiatrist we told to get of the case!

Haha!! No wonder the professor himself wanted to take the case of my autistic son. Ha!

I love email!! It means someone can destroy all my good feelings anytime!!

It also means I can take my time to write things down.
Well this time I told her that I thought they went too far!

I don't want youthcare to stick her nose in our business, especially not when we have no say in it.

Well, it's under this new government that parents have less say about their children.
They can even take away your own child without giving a parent any word at all.
So I feel this stincks.

My son was ill, and after that he was afraid to go to school, because that bully was troubling life for everyone in that group, and especially for him.

Even before they pulled that bully our of the group they took action on our son ..and us...

The day after that special meeting that boy was put in another group and my son went to school a few days later when he had ensured himself that he could feel safe again.
Today he was planning for tomorrow and expressed a real need to go to school. How about that?

But now we're booked as bad parents, otherwise youthcare wouldn't have played the game behind our backs.
You know, even when the intention was positive, it's how I feel.
Youthcare is one of those organisations that "knows the best".
They both help parents and put them in jail.

I don't like it that someone forms an opinion about me, just by looking at the children.
Most people, even of youthcare, know just a little bit about autism, and they certainly know nothing about puberty and autism.
I'm living the knowledge everyday. I'm writing the book as I live, like many parents in my situation.

I've seen these youthcare workers destroy whole families.

Here in town they took away a little baby right after birth. They said it was endangered by his parents.
Turned out the father was a bit impulsive (buying too many things, changing the garden a couple of times a year) and went into therapy. By his own free idea and will.
Things didn't work well with that psychologist, and he decided to go to someone else.
Auch! ...the ego of the psychologist was hurt...
She reported him and said from her own sick feeling he was a danger.
By the time everyone knew and believed the truth it was months later.
The parents have missed the most precious time of their baby.
And it makes me so very sick. Sooo sick!!!

That's why I feel ill when I hear a youthworker who hasn't even told us her name, hasn't even spoken with us, just acts on the stories of school.

(The school mailed me that my other son (with ADHD) skipped classes and would be reported... He was with me to therapy.. and the school was informed properly. You see what I mean??)

So I mailed the pedagogue, said her how I felt about it.
Also said I repeatedly asked her questions about certain matters she's taken action on now.

Well, I don't think she likes the mail... But I don't like to be played with.

Then mailed the Professor asking him why he is interested in the case, who presented it to him.
Told him the date January 30 2008) is too far away because my son needs better medication, because we need continuity, especially with regards to school.
Told him someone from the careteam of school, presumably youthcare would adress the department, explained the situation about the bully in two lines, and then told him that our own family doc had pressured the department for an appointment soon, because we all worry about his eating disorder.

I ended with telling him I always value people who really care and want to get involved, but that now we're standing with empty hands too long.

Sent a copy to our doc.

Email is a great medium.

I don't know what's going to happen.
I don't like it when people don't play their game out in the open.

I'm afraid of youthcare because they don't base their decisions upon straight facts, but only on what they think is right.

People who don't even bother to talk to us, have their opinion ready.
It's sick!!!


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