Tuesday, December 4, 2007

to school again

december 4 2007

My autistic son finally went to school.

I was surprised and when he was on his way I could hardly believe he had left the house.

The silence was great!!!

Ofcourse we had pushed and pushed, and threw in the argument that the new psychiatrist would ask about going to school and would make her decisions including that information.

Woo, he didn't like that...

So I expected a lot of problems this morning.

Instead he took a shower without a problem, dressed himself properly and didn't get mad when his coat seemed to have disappeared.

Within two minutes the coat was found, so don't worry.

It was a relief to have a bit of time in the house.
No time to sit down, but time to paint behind his bed, and do some other odd jobs I had on the list.

Pity was that his mentor was ill, so he came home 3 hours early.

But the laundry was hanging and drying, so the most important was done.


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