Wednesday, December 19, 2007


december 19 2007

My autistic son is doing his best at school.
The last few days he's been rather quiet in the morning.

But when he came home yesterday he was angry with a teacher.

Instead of answering my mail in which I requested which chapter my son had to work through, the teacher had a go at him in the classroom, telling he had no time answering mails.
He kind of made my son responsible for both my and the teacher's behaviour, and he put him in the center of attention.

My son had no defense, and went out of the classroom.
His brother said he kicked aside a chair and table, but my autistic son can't remember.
Meaning the that he truly was stressed out.

I guess this is another teacher who can't deal with his job in a proper way.

After reading the mail a simple reply like: "ch.15", would have been enough.

But that teacher is also the person who needs to help this children choose a next school or a job.
He doesn't invest a lot.

At the other schools of my children parents and kids had a meeting with the carreer counsellor and talked about options and such.
This person doesn't do that.

He orders the pupils around, makes them visit each and every information-evening, and loads them with assignments so they'll prove they were there.

I informed the school that I didn't think he was aware that my son needs a bit more than that.
His autism is a work handicap. It makes him unsuitable for certain jobs and a perfect employee for others.

And apart from that: these evenings frighten him to bits. Too many people, too much noise.

I would go with him, if I could.
But his father arrives home 20.30, and the evenings begin at 19.00.
I can't leave the rest of the kids at home.

Last week my son got an assignment:
He has to go the the tremendously large educational centre where he has to interview students of nursing and care.
After that he has to present his findings to the class.

Well, those who read my blog longer know there's an agreement with school that my son doesn't need to present things to the group, only to the teacher.
And even more: my son won't ever be able to become a nurse.

With all the frustrations caused by school this is yet another example of how things are and why I want my son to move to another school.


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