Saturday, December 15, 2007

spreading the word

december 15 2007

Someone commented on an entry telling me all Christians should tell others about their religion.

I'm not living in America, the culture I live in is different.

We don't talk much about our religion, regardless which, because not initiating a conversation about it is considered having respect for the choices of someone else.

I'm quite willing to answer questions, but I won't start the conversation.

Telling people about religion can be done by going from door to door.
That's just one way.
One can also tell by living what's important.

I know people start looking puzzled at times when they expect certain behaviour and get something else.

Like now with the school of my autistic son.
I'm very straightforward: I want him to go to the new school, because the present one isn't good for him.
So they offered me a meeting to talk about my complaints.

I kindly refused.

I told them there are no complaints.
The school tried, and it didn't work out, because they didn't have the money, didn't have the time, or didn't have something else, to make the necessary changes.

I have kept my anger private. And I certainly don't feel like "paying them back."

The strange thing is, that problems won't escalate, as far as it's up to me.
That doesn't mean I don't say my things.
Oh, don't be afraid they won't hear what needs to be said.

But I ask myself which emotions make me say which things,
how people can pervceive what I say,
and if the way I say things serve the intention.

Well, it's simple, when people feel attacked, the won't hear what I have to say.

Someone told me a long long time ago, that I never could change the world by being kind.
Get lost!
People are used to unkind people who only care for their own good, or their own family. People who leave a path of destruction when they fight their own personal war to get what they want.

Most of the time I get for my children what I want.
Not because I force others, or because they pity me.
It's because my arguments are OK, and because I can make clear what a human being needs.
And even more, because I can make clear that not only my child benefits, but also other children and for instance the teachers as well.

Those who know me know I'm not a softy, but I won't bulldoze others down either.

In a way I just try to care for others as much as I care for my own family.

Sometimes it's not easy.
I was really angry at the former psychiatrist of my son.
But when I had the chance to make her feel bad, all I could do was ask to respect my wishes and not to interfere in matters anymore.
It's a kind of forgiveness, and a kind of care... she tried

I think that changes the world more than spreading religious rules and messages doen.


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