Saturday, December 22, 2007

Son and work

december 22 2007

Just a minute ago one of my sons came home.
He's been working all day in one of the largest stores in town.

At the end of his doubleshift one of the topmanagement called all the workers together and praised them for their hard work and dedication.

Today they have sold more than even before and with the store opened tomorrow for the afternoon and evening they expect a true record.

My son is full of stories.
About the woman who wanted to dye her hair and asked him a colouradvice, about the grandfather who wanted to buy his son a screwdriver and asked my son which one would be most useful, and about a couple of kids who wanted their diabetic gram a basket full of responsible sweets.

Experience comes in handy in those cases.
He could advice them all, including the kids, because I'm a diabetic and he knows what works best and what not.

It's great to see him being so enthousiastic.
He loves his work and even though it's very tiring, he's looking forward to working on days like these.
Well, he gets double pay... that eases the pain. LOL!


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