Friday, December 21, 2007

schools are closed

december 21 2007

The schools are closed.

I don't expect any mails anymore.

It's a strange kind of quietness after all those weeks of utter stress and mailing to keep things going into the good direction.

Now I remember I forgot the mail the schooldoc back.
He wanted to speak on the phone.

Well, it was great he got in contact, but I feel no need to talk on the phone, unable to see his face and see the effect of what I have to say.

I think I'll mail him tomorrow, telling me he can make an appointment.

Almost all the month of january is filled with appointments, meetings and events for the choice of the new schools for the girls and one of the boys.

The girls will finish their basic school, and my ADHD son will finish his finals, I hope.

Isn't it strange that the closing of the school immediately makes me focus on the next year, instead of putting my feet on the table, sigh and lean back?

Maybe now finally things come to rest I feel empty handed...
Pff...I guess I'm not used to not fighting for my kids.....


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