Saturday, December 15, 2007

saturday special

december 15 2007

1. While cross-country skiing through an old country trail I notice a light through the trees ahead. Getting closer to the clearing, I see the light comes from an old cottage that looks inviting. I remove my skis and walk up the porch steps and knock on the door when __________?:

I hear the sound of highland bagpipes.
While it starts to snow again, I'm listening tp the skilled bagpiper.
He sure knows how to play the gracenotes, and he's able to bring into the tradional music a touch of artistry like it's seldom heard.

Only when I'm really cold I knock at the door.
A women opens the door en shows me the way to the wonderful room where I'm going to stay for the night.

"Your bagpipes have arrived already, but none has seen them yet, so no-one knows you can play too."

We smile and after she has left, I take a short bath and dress myself in the colours of my clan.

I'm a bit nervous.

2. I step inside to a cozy living room and sitting in a big leather chair in front of the fireplace is _________?:

the chief of the clan of my ancestors.
After much research I've found out that I stem from one of the true Scottish Highlanders, and I felt so proud and happy that I asked approval to wear the colours of my clan and top become a guard of the clan.

3. He smiles at me and offers me a seat and a cup of hot chocolate. We talk for a bit and __________?:

then he tells me that after some consideration he has decided to approve me as the first female guardian of the clan.
We have a pleasant evening.
The sound of our bagpipes match perfectly, and we enjoy a good talk with a good glass of whiskey.
The hours pass and I learn more than I knw about my great great great great great great grandmother, sho seemed to be so much like my own grandmother.

When the candles are small, and the cold creeps into the house, we decide to go to bed.

4. Happy and warm I thank them both for their hospitality and go on my way, as I turn to wave goodbye I'm surprised to see __________?:

a vague misty figure waving at me.
She looks like my gram and I feel it's her.

At my pillow I find a blue flower... the flowers my gram had in her garden.
Ouside I hear her laugh, before the silence of the night makes me fall asleep.

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  1. Fantastic job on the SS Creative Adventure. I really enjoyed reading it. Have a great weekend and thanks for playing.

  2. I enjoyed reading the bagpipe story too. :D

    Mine is up too.


  3. Hi! Great! You are a good writer.

  4. I do not make the banners bigger. I just go to add picture, then put the url of the banner in the url slot.The lay out is small.Hope that helps.Thanks.
    By the way, I was having a headache when I did the SatSpecial entry.I did not realize that the 5 questions shld be a whole story.I treated each question with a different story. LOL!

  5. That was fantastic! You are a great writer.


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