Tuesday, December 4, 2007

the psychologist

december 4 2007

Right when I left the garden it started to rain...to pour!!!
It was really bad.
I was right on time at the psychologist of my son with ADHD. She was very nice.

For the first time in ages I felt comfortable there at the centre.
She really listened, asked questions to get things clear.

Fior the first time someone "heard me" about the fact that my autistic son and his brother with ADHD would profit from some extra support to accept each other's disoder and to learn to live with it.
I can't do everything.
They're at an age they won't listen to mom all the time.

She was very interested in how the school treated and treats us, as she'd spend quite a lot of time with my son talking about school.

I said that the shcool should be far more involved in the way the children are treated.
They now think that many reactions are conscious improper behaviour.
That makes me feel they don't know enough about the disorders and react only from their own feelings.

We shoudl have met this woman years ago.
Things really would have been far different.

When i went home I had a very good feeling about this meeting.
And I'm still happy with it.


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