Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The prof

december 4 2007

Remember we were jumping from joy that we finally had an appointment with psychiatry for my autistic son?
Next friday we would meet the new psychiatrist.

I got mail today, in which I was asked to get in contact with the Professor of Psychiatry.

Well, he's a nice guy, very involved in research, so I thought that maybe he wanted my family in a researchproject for families with more kids with autism spectrum disorder.
I've tried to get the department here interested in initiating a clinic for adolescents.

I should have know better than to let my phantasy jump in.

He wants to take the case of my son.

Well, I'm OK with that.... guess they think I'm difficult to handle. LOL!

Because the guy is bussy we couldn't get an appoitment earlier than.... january 30th!!

I accepted, so the date wouldn't be even later.

But that date.... it's so far from now...

So far!!!!

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