Wednesday, December 19, 2007

preparations for the musical

december 19 2007

This morning the girls left with bags full of clothes and stuff.
They sneeked out, so I guess they have taken some of their best clothes.

Ths evening is the performance of the christmasmusical.
One of them is performing in one of the leading roles.
She has to act, sing and dance.

I'm sure it'll work out.
She's one of the best balletdancers of her group, and she has a clear voice.

Last week I heard her rehearse.

My father used to be a conductor of a large children's choir and I thought it to be time to hand over his best lessons.

So I told her about acoustics, about looking right over the heads of the public in such a way, that everybody thinks she's looking at them in particular.
I told her about using your voice in another way, so she wouldn't sound like a petite mouse, but like a true performer on stage, to be heard in the back too.

The next day she was told she had improved over night.

This evening I can see for myself.
Can't wait, because we're going with most of the children.
The two oldest will video the whole event.



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