Thursday, December 20, 2007

power outage

december 20 2007

Yesterday evening we lost power.

It doesn't happen often, so we're not really prepared.
There's a flashlight in the kitchen, and matches, and the candles are in the front room.

It always amazes me how everyone reacts when it's suddenly dark.

One of the boys got his cellphone and gave me some light to take the flashlight and look which switch was changed.

We had power again within a few minutes.

One of the boys kept talking about it, and their father tried to prove that it was not the toaster causing the problem.

Well, as soon as he plugged it in it started to make strange sounds.

I pulled the plug out, threw the thing outside and said that I didn't want a whole night without power for a 10 dollar toaster that had cost only 6 in the sales.

Guessing by the silence the power was out again. LOL!


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