Saturday, December 8, 2007

part 4

december 8 2007

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Yesterday I did all that was in my power to get in contact with the person at the school of my autistic son who informed me about the decision of the careteam.

She didn't react at all.
Either she wasn't at work, or she didn't dare to take decisions without consulting others.

So I tried to get in contact with the careteam.
Phuh, no adress anywhere.

But I found the email from the organisation that organises the teams.
Mailed them asking for information and just giving enough info to get them interested and send my mail through.

The found out which worker at school is the one who needs to get all the paperwork together for the files.

Took 4 hours to make a mail that contained every little bit of information, making clear that we have found a place at the autism class at my sons level and that we're in the middle of the application which on itself should be enough to stop the team.
Then mentioned all different areas where he experiences problems, giving for each area the professional dealing with it, the actions we take ourselves and stating why they don't need to be involved.

And ofcourse stressing the lack of communication.

Are they nuts????

By the time I was finished my bloodpressure must have reached the height of the mount everest under bloodpressures.


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