Tuesday, December 18, 2007


december 18 2007

Transferring my autistic son to the auti-class will take a lot more time than we expected.

During the conversation with the principal of the new school it turned out that the present school should have requested a special indication for kids with autism spectrum disorder, and even though we requested it, they didn't do it.

Not only does that proof he hasn't had the best care the school could give, it also means we have to proof he couldn't have made it there with that special indication and we have to apply for one, which will take long long months.

Well, I can make a list of problems we bumped against over and over again...in fact we have a list like that...
When the indicationcommission accepts that list it's ok.

We also have to proof which therapies he had.
He had therapy once.

The former psychiatrist refused to give him therapy, so I took it all upon me, day in day out.
(Well, hej, it's my profession.)

But now we can only dream of them accepting this.

Because I couldn't work, I didn't register in the register of psychologists, and I don't think they will accept my data about what I have done at home.

I'm sick of all those official organisations who only care for the rigth forms and paperwork.

Just observe him one day, from awakening untill falling asleep and you'll know.
No paperwork can state it better than he himself in the way he lives.

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  1. Have you tried seeing if your local newspapers are interested in your situation?
    It would make a great real life story specially this close to Christmas and it might force them to deal with the stupid forms and paperwork quicker


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