Thursday, December 6, 2007

oh my dear! That key!!

december 6 2007

The oldest didn't want to walk through the rain from the busstation to our house to get his bike.

Instead he arranged it in such a way that he had his next brother foolish enough to go through the terrible weather and bring him his bike home.

I was furious!!!

That lazy worm having his brother go there all the way through that weather while he doesn't want to take one step outside of the busstation!!

He didn't even give him a dry T-shirt, or put the coat or trousers in the dryer, before his brother went to the busstop to catch the next bus.

Now I have here all the wet stuff and a boy begging for new trousers.

We talked about it... he came home rather angry... and finally he decided to get calm and go to bed.

I heard him brush his teeth, move around and then he came downstairs.
Big smile...

In his hand the keys of his brothers bike!!

Sorry...I can't stop laughing...I just can't....


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