Friday, December 21, 2007

the new psychiatrist

december 21 2007

We've been to the new psychiatrist of my autistic son...

We've should have met the guy ages ago....


He re-assessed my son. So now he has the proper DSM-4 codes and gets help more easily.

While we were there he wrote the letter to back up our request to transfer our son to the auti-class. Said they could contact him anytime for more info. But his letter was as clear as could be.

Started to change the meds.

And told us all that he was going to start therapy in january.
He's going to work directly with my son.

So I got all I wanted and even more.

He was able to get my son talking in no time, made jokes, and was himself.
Which is such a relief!

I feel we can trust this guy.

We got his phonenumber and email and can get in contact anytime.

I caught myself smiling the rest of the afternoon.

Am I dreaming?



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