Saturday, December 29, 2007


december 29 2007

I've just had a look at some furniture the neighbour doesn't want to take with her when she moves.

I needed a wardrobe, not too large, and she wanted to get rid of one.

It's precisely the one I need.

And on top of it she had the corner bureau I've been wanting a long time, but the father of the kids didn't want to buy one.

Well... he has no say anymore.

When the holidays are over we're going to get the furniture and put it right at it's place.
No comments needed there.

The girls were very happy with a clown on a swing, and some CD's.
And my autistic son got a doormat with a cat.
It's new, so he can use it in front of his bed.

You should have seen his face!

I feel lucky!


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