Tuesday, December 4, 2007

he made dinner

december 4 2007

The oldest called. He had bought fresh food to make dinner, but it wouldn't be used.
How I liked it when he came over and would cook for us. If I had some potatoes and cucumber, he would be fine.

What a great idea!!

I didn't feel well, and after cooking each day weeks on end I could really do with a break.

Ofcourse he came half an hour late, so the soup was ready, the potatoes were almost ready.
But having dinner served out, eating a delicious piece of fish and enjoying some quiet after a bussy day... that really worked well.

Ofcourse there more behind this offer.
He has a good freezer there, and he didn't ask the money back... so ...???

Next friday I'll have a meeting with his counsellor... I think it'll be interesting.

Maybe he'd better feed me well a couple of times more before that meeting. LOL!

I'll first go to the therapist of one of the other kids who has ADHD and dyslexia.

On the phone she sounded old, and I didn't get the feeling we connected well.
Turned out that she had spoken before with the father of the children who had told her I couldn't come at all... and when she had me on the phone I told her I would do everything I could to be present.

Right now I have a splitting headache and I'm on the verge of yet another cold.
So being at home probably means taking it easy.

So I'm going and see what she has to tell and wants to know.

I'm also curious who is behind that voice.


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