Thursday, December 6, 2007

good news

december 6 2007

The whole story? Part 1, part 2

This morning I went to the new school to meet the principal.

While waiting in the hall I could see a couple of young people cooking and having fun.
It looked like an ordinary cooking lesson, except for the fact that they kept rather a lot of space between them.

Then I met the principal, and we had a talk, a tour around the school, and then we sat down to talk again.

By that time I was very happy with the choice.

They offer all autistic children need.
Piece and quiet, structure, routine, zero tolerance for bulbying, zero tolerance for screaming. Their own place to study, and a lot, lot more.

She frowned quite a few times when I told her about the way my son was treated at the other school, and also about how I had to ask for treatment plans and a lot more.
She agreed that Youthcare shouldn't be on the case.

It felt like being with a good friend and get finally the support that's needed.

She needed some paperwork, but I almost knew for a 200% that I didn't have it. Yet I looked it up at home and didn't find it.

Things are moving and I'm so happy with it!!!


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