Friday, December 7, 2007

Good morning

december 7 2007

I was so tired that I nearly dropped of my chair yesterday evening.
There's so much going on at the same time, and I have so many things to attent to, that my place to relax, the computerdesk, seems the bussy workingplace of a one woman organised multinational.

I have changed the url of my site and I have to have it back on the ranks in no time.

But I have to keep my priorities straight...
Problem is that everything is a priority at the moment.

So I feel a fisher... I throw my angle out with a little delicious something at the end of the line, hoping it will trigger a serious of responses that result in what my family needs and I want.

So today I hope to pull in the response of the present, soon former, school of my autistic son.

The key role player in the drama of today is in her little car now, jazzing the roads untill she's at the last long stretch before school.
The noises of the bussy road, students bycicling to university and 2 endless chains of cars moving in opposite directions.

She will sigh when she finally parks her roadhome, she'll cross the large square in front of the school, climb the steps, and move into the large hall with the fairytale steps.

Already her mind of full of the decisions she has to take...dare she call youthcare to call off the whole plan? Or is she in a fatalistic mood, thinking that everything is out of her hands now?

Outside one of the usual winterstorms is raging.
I'm not looking forwards to leave the house for a meeting myself.

The oldest will come home just before christmas untill after new year, because the facility he stays closes.
I'm not feeling happy with the idea of him home again, because his move meant changes in the house and at the moment there's hardly a place to put the matress on the floor. (Yep, we kept the matress.)

Change in the lives of autistic kids is like throwing a bomb in a highly crowded school: trouble.

I'm not taller than him anymore, I'm not as strong.
He can push me aside like a match and I don't like that idea.

Well, I guess that's why we're invited for a meeting now.

The clock slowly ticks minute after minute away into the past...

What will today bring??????


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