Sunday, December 16, 2007

friendship award

december 16 2006

I've received such a nice award: the friendship award.

Amanda honored me with it.

Thank you so much!

Ofcourse I want to give it to a few friends too.




and Frances

You've been such a great friends.

Surprising at times, inspiring.

Thank you so much for your friendship!



  1. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog! We didn't have any match for Unconscious Mutterings, but I like your answer for "Unwrap". It was unique but something you can immediately relate to.

    Anyway, you really sounded like a teenager, having to read for a book review and not able to do it because you haven't read the book yet. Maybe you can slowly train your boy? I heard there are some courses for learning how to teach autistic boy. Once you are able to get to them, autistics are able to function as normal people too.

    Anyway, congratulations for receiving that friendship award. I'm sure you have been a special friend :D

  2. Well, it would have been nice if you had left a link so I could give you an answer on your own blog.

    What a pity I sound like a teenager.
    I don't think teenagers work 20 hours a day with children that need as much care as the children I'm talking about.

    It's easy to have your opinion ready when you don't know me.

    Not all autisti children can function normally.
    I wish it was true.

    At times he makes an almost normal impression, but when you try to start a conversation with him you know he is not normal at all.
    For a mother very painful to see.

    I feel hurt by your words.

    Yes, there are courses...
    Do you know something interesting? I have been one of the lecturers.

    I know from the inside that working with tru autistic children is a neverending proces.

    Many kids with autism spectrum disorder are able to function normally in the right surroundings.

    Many kids with autism function just a little bit better and will never be normal at all.


Thank you for your comment.