Friday, December 28, 2007

fireworks and kids

december 28 2007

We're getting nuts from the fireworks all day.

The shops have opened, but even though it's forbidden by law to light the fireworks before old year 10 AM, kids can't stick to the law and they walk the streets, throwing around their noise.

The whole afternoon we were bothered by very hard sudden explosions.

The last years the fireworks have become heavier.
Also more beautiful...we can see that at new years eve,
but now most of the time it's about noise.

It's interesting that the whole evening just two boys were bussy.
One is the son and the other is a guest of an army officer.

One expects them to know the law and keep it.
But even after 22.00 hours they kept making a lot of noise.
So much, I didn't dare to leave the house to put things in the dirtcontainer.

When it was far past 22.00 hours one of the boys took two pieces of fireworks and scared the hell out of them. (I don't agree, but had to laugh.)

They ran in the house, and didn't come back.

Well, at least we know how to handle them. LOL!


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