Saturday, December 8, 2007

Dreaming about diamonds

december 8 2007

Had quite a lot of dreams this night.

I bet I needed some acknowledgements for all my actions, because I received diamond rings, for every finger at least one.

I also went to travel the world.
First made a cruise, then was taken by airplane above all major cities of the world.

I can't believe I was as lucky as that.

Well, in my dreams anyway.

When I was young my grandma used to take me to the jewelers.
Like me she enjoyed to see him work.
My main interest was watching him to take apart watches, clean each and every tiny bit, and assemble them.
he was surprised that such a little girl took interest in it, and showed me how he worked over and over again.

When I was many years older, my father couldn't fix a watch anymore and gave it to me.
I opened it, and now it's still running.

When it was quiet in the shop, the man used to take out the diamond rings and have me rub the dust from them.
I had to wear white gloves and used a velvet cloth to sweetly cherrish the silver, gold and diamonds.

I wonder of he would have trusted me that much nowadays. LOL!


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