Thursday, December 27, 2007

the day after

december 27 2007

Well, we survived christmas.

We had a rather quiet christmas eve, and ofcourse I started to relax a bit and think that we would be able to go through christmas in the true peace.

But ever tried to put an a kid with ADHD and one with autism in one bowl, stir it with puberty hormones and decorate with two other brothers with an autism spectrum disorder ?

So each day the energy needed to burst out...
Let's say I didn't like it.

So I have christmaseve to look back on.
Pity the girls were to the choir.

I took a walk in the evening with the two oldest boys and we saw a wonderful halo around the moon, caused by the little icecrystals high in the sky.
It was awesome.

At the lake we sang silent night..LOL!

So there was some christmasspirit after all...


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