Saturday, December 22, 2007

You want good wine, so insist on good coffee too.

december 22 2007

We have a coffee maker here and we never use it.

The coffee doesn't taste well. I think because the water doesn't get hot enough.
All what we get is a mug of riverwater.

I've grown up grounding coffee by hand, pouring coffee and water in one can and let it boil.
Luckily I wasn't of an age to be allowed to drink coffee. LOL!

But when I drank my first cup, I was hooked.
With milk and sugar you would make me happy.

It took a while to get a true taste for black coffee, but I now enjoy a cuppa best without anything to blur the taste.

Like my dad I know my bit.
I love a good brand. Sometimes I'm in for a more mellow taste, but most of the time I'm in for a full mug, or two, or three of a strong brand.

When I really want to treat myself I drink ethiopian coffee.
Quite a few years ago I met two sisters, fugitives, who were part of an African exhibition.
I loved their coffee and the rest of the ceremony so much, that we started to talk with all hands, legs, and facial expressions. We exchanged adresses and we met again when they were able to speak english and a bit of my language.
In exchange for some traditional recipes for me, and a basket full of products to start cooking rightaway, I got a bag of herbs and the recipe of their coffee.
I consider it a treat to make coffee that way, and I treat the herbs with utter care, afraid they are used far too fast.

On normal days I use a senseo coffemaker of Philips.
But I wouldn't mind to have a larger coffeemaker or a real coffeemachine.

I learned to handle those professional coffeemachines a couple of years ago, when I helped out someone who owns a restaurant.
They're terribly expensive, but they're the best.
And why would people buy expensive wines and not invest in a good cup of coffee?



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