Thursday, December 20, 2007


december 20 2007

Yesterday evening we went to the musical and when we crossed a bridge we suddenly were bycicling in the mist.
I really liked it, because it gave such a special feel.

Then I turned a corner and in front of me was a long street.... white!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could see the two black lines of the wheels of a car, and the rest was white!!

A very gentle snowfall touch my face.

What a marvellous way to go to the christmasmusical and see my daughter as penguin.

There were only a few seats available at the right side.
We had the best seats we could wish, because we sat right in front of the little choir, and near one of the women who attended the same group during pregnancy.

The musical was as fun as was expected.
A microphone not working, kids forgetting the text, the leading boy singing far too loud and tremendously out of tune, the sleigh of Santa breaking down... all not intended, but it was fun. The kids and the public had a good laugh at times, but there were also moments we could feel everyone to be moved.

It was one of the rare occassions people are together to have a good time and forget to criticise.

When we left the whole world was white, including the trees and the houses.

What a perfect preparation for christmas!!!!


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