Thursday, December 20, 2007

christmas and cats

december 20 2007

The last days I've taken time to decorate the house for christmas.

That means I spend more time in the attick than downstairs, opening boxes and finding part of my history.

Because I don't have much time it's a mess there at the moment, which makes it more fun to look around.

OK, I know I have to sort things out, and while looking I do so.

It's a pity children grow so fast that toys have to leave the house.
For each child I have a large box in which I save some toys, drawings and little things.
The rest is together in boxes and needs to be sorted out before I'm leaving for the old people's home.

Today I found a few cats for the collection of my autistic son.

They were given to me by a friend for the second hand market at the school of the girls.
The school decided to skip the market, and the cats landed in the box.

Now I have a happy face, and some nice white cats, staring all day with a blanc look into the room.

Wish they would get alive at christmasevening.


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