Sunday, December 16, 2007

a disatser before christmas

december 16 december 2007

I can't believe it.

Yesterday our second boy came and told us his computer didn't do anything.

Ofcourse we joked about plugging it in, pressing the start button, but an hour later we agreed, whatever we tried to start it, it didn't do anything at all!

I can't believe it! Just a week before christmas and confronted with what's in our family a main disaster.

Ofcourse I looked on internet, the prizes are far better than in our shops.

In case you think I spend all day looking, forget it.

I just go to They provide prize comparisons for all sort of items, including a new laptop.

Shipping to us will take too much time (if I had the proper content in my walllet), but I can take achoice of products and prizes to the shop where my son bought his laptop and ask for a speedy replacement before christmas on their costs.

My other son, the computer nerd, has been able to get the lights on in the computer, so maybe he's able to fix it.


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