Friday, December 14, 2007

another mail

december 14 2007

Well, one way or another, things are settling down.

School mailed.
Well, we now know who is the care coordinator at school.
We now know who presented him in the Careteam.

She wants to talk in the new year.
About my sons "possible" transfer to the new year.

So she got a nice long mail in which I explained that I certainly don't think in terms as "possible".
We want this transfer, and as soon as possible.

After the experience with the inspector, who had no consideration for the world and feelings of an autistic child, I don't opt for fines and worse, but for a solution of the problem: the new school.

I also asked her who reported my son to the inspector.

We all know who did it.

Well, I hope the mailing to and fro is over for this weekend.

I lost a lot of chances this week to earn a bit of money online, just because there was so much to deal with.

Tomorrow we're going to the new school.
They have an open house.

I hope my autistic son likes it.


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