Friday, December 21, 2007

Almost leaving...

december 21 2007

I'm showered, wearing a nice outfit, and I'm waiting for my autistic son and his father to go to my son's new psychiatrist.

I hope the guy provides all we need and want.

Untill now I have been guiding him through life with hardly any help at all.

The former psychiatrist only wanted to institutionalise him, and I don't think that's an option.
Certainly not when no one can tell me what they do better there.
On top of it, it was a place where the still use confinement in a bare room, to make people behave.

OK, they will behave in the end, out of fear.
But it changes the personality too of a person, and when my son would come back after such a "learning time", he would certainly start to show the unwanted behaviour all over again.

I've made a little list.

Not because I'm a listmaker, but because I now really want to get things done.

1. proper medication
2. counselling once a week or once in two weeks to have him check his ideas with reality and help him motivate to do more.
3. the paperwork that needs to be done to get the transfer to the auti-class, and a back up in the process
4. have a thorough look at his eating disorder.
5. re-assess him, so we get rid of the PDD-NOS diagnosis and have the right terms on paper.

I'm off!!!


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